Vocational Education

Education is the surest way to get out of poverty. However, many children in Myanmar are unable to take advantage of the available educational opportunities. While many attend public schools, they drop out due to poverty and despair with the urgent need to start working to support their families. Children who have grown up in such circumstances have never received proper vocational education, meaning they do not qualify for good jobs. They live their lives to solve their immediate, daily needs without the option of planning for the future.

LTS provides free vocational education opportunities and financial support to underprivileged young adults in Myanmar(Burma).

Scholarship Program

Many LTS trainees do not attend actual classes due to financial problems even if they are admitted. In most cases, students give up classes because there is no one to take responsibility for their family's livelihood during the education period.

Accordingly, LTS is providing the minimum cost of living during the training period through interviews.

Help End Hunger

The COVID-19 pandemic and political situation in Myanmar have resulted in many businesses and factories shutting down, creating a large number of laid-off workers.

LTS works with the local community center in the Hlegu township, Myanmar, and regularly provides groceries to low-income families. We also share traditional food on major holidays.

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